Welcome to our 35 years of history

Mama Cash was the first international women’s fund in the world and is still alive and kicking. In 1983 five feminists sat around a kitchen table in Amsterdam and started an initiative that would develop into an international grantmaking organisation that supports women and girls around the globe in their fight for equal rights. Courageous women and girls who, in the face of often challenging circumstances, make themselves heard, take risks and bring about fundamental changes.

With this website we dive into the history of Mama Cash, a history that has been characterised by audacity and radical élan. We not only want to honour the founders, advisors, employees and hundreds of volunteers who have worked with Mama Cash, but also the foundations, governments and thousands of donors who have supported her over the years. And perhaps most importantly, we celebrate and honour the tireless women and girls who are fighting for their rights everywhere in the world. We know that together we can change the world.