Lions Club Wine Auction

Lions Club Wine Auction

Selma Mogendorff of the Lions Club Kromme Rijn, organised a wine auction within the network of her Lions service club.

‘Every year, our women’s club organises activities to raise money for good causes. As the chair of the Charity Commission, I put forward Mama Cash as one of the causes. At my farewell party as a family doctor I asked my guests to make a donation to Mama Cash. Club members remembered this, and everyone was instantly enthusiastic about the wine auction. The fact that Mama Cash did not spend a lot of money on festivities when it celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2008, but rather decided to allocate that budget to support women’s rights projects, particularly impressed the commission. Mama Cash was an obvious choice. We sold hundreds of bottles of wine to people in our network. A percentage of every bottle sold went to Mama Cash.’

The wine auction raised a total of 2,000 euros for Mama Cash.

  • Lions Club Wine Auction

    Lions Club Wine Auction

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