South Asian Women’s Fund

South Asian Women’s Fund

The South Asia Women’s Fund was established in 2004 to support community based women’s organisations in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Its work includes grantmaking, technical and capacity-building support, and building feminist philanthropy and local fundraising in South Asia.

The fund’s grantmaking is to groups advocating the right of women to move freely without the need for permission to travel and to do so free from violence, for the right of women to have control over and make decisions about their own bodies, including reproductive choices, and for the right of women to work with fair labour practices.

The South Asia Womens Fund is not only supporting groups directly. It also has a programme to build a culture of local and regional philanthropy, with a particular focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR).  In 2012, the Fund published a report called “In the Making: CSR and Women’s Rights in South Asia”, which looks at the opportunities for increasing corporate funding for human rights advocacy. The fund targets business people and women working in corporations who are interested in women’s rights as a way to fundraise for its own work and that of its grantees. But to also contribute to building a culture of corporate giving to social justice causes, which is not common in South Asia.

The South Asia Women’s Fund received grants from Mama Cash in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

  • South Asian Women’s Fund

    South Asian Women’s Fund

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