What did the world look like when these five feminist activists concocted their plan to combine money with activism in the 1980s? And how did Mama Cash develop from a predominantly white activist group with inherited money into a diverse, professional women’s rights organisation that has been recognised in the Netherlands and abroad for her role as a pioneer in feminist philanthropy?

Discover how an inheritance formed the basis for a women’s fund that also managed to inspire others to donate time and money to women’s rights. Read through discussions between the different generations of the women involved in Mama Cash, and hear the debates that challenged many but kept us close to Mama Cash’s principles. And read how she managed to transform herself from a unique Dutch organisation looking over its borders into an international fund that has a pivotal role in a worldwide network of women’s funds.

Take a look at the interviews with women who have brought Mama Cash to life. Come browse through her colourful photo archive and discover the first kitchen table meetings, postering and protests, local and international gatherings, and, of course, the iconic bathtub race that Mama Cash organised on the Amsterdam canals.